Want to look cute?

Want a tattoo but cant afford to have one? Or simply don’t want a permanent one? Well our website has a solution for you! First the Temporary Tattoos will wash off and are very cute and chic! I have two daughters and they wanted a tattoo so I got a temporary tattoo to see if they would like it. Because they were not old enough to get one on there own I did not want them to get something permanent and then they would not like it. Looked very sleek and professional.

If you want to go out and look cute this is available for you! They are easy to remove in just four simple steps! Temporary Tattoos are honestly a good present for teens on there birthdays! As easy as they are to remove they are just as easy to apply! First step peel plastic off desired area, then wet and hold on for a minute and peel the back off gently and wow there’s a fresh tattoo! Because of it being painless nor having to sit at a tattoo shop you can get a great looking tattoo to show off to your family and friends. Just might start a trend with your friends and would not have to tell them that it is temporary.

This product is friendly and safe for your children above three! Also these are removable with alcohol! This way if its not for them they can get it removed without going through medical procedures. Which can be very costly and painful. Why put pain in your life just to fit in or to start your own trend. So if you want to look amazingly cute or have some tats buy Temporary Tattoos today! Great gift ideas to your friends and family.